Vector Sounds

JAZZ ON THE MOVE The First Compilation 01 Sep 2020

The History of our catalogue begins in 2011, as a series within the general label CLAMSHELL RECORDS. We create these series at those moments to editing albums of an undetermined kind of Jazz (Avant-Garde, Contemporary, Free Jazz...) and Free Improvised Music: VECTOR SERIES – With the slogan: "MORE THAN JAZZ"

It was in 2015 when VECTOR SOUNDS RECORDS born as a unique label to continue the previous project. Our current slogan is very intentional too “ON THE MOVE”

Our two next releases will be two compilations of the two musical ways in our catalogue (Jazz and Free Improvisation) until now, with two principal aims:

These compilations are a precious collection formed by one theme of each of our albums, done to claim its value as a representative sample of the quality of the music that they contain.

Also, we would like to recover the role of the album, within the world of music, against the excessive “screenization” of its listening today.

"JAZZ ON THE MOVE TheFirst Compilation" is now Avaliable in our shop online