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"Marianne" OUT NEXT WEEK! 06 Jun 2016

LIQUID TRIO - Marianne

Liquid Trio is:
Agustí Fernández - piano
Albert Cirera - tenor & soprano sax
Ramon Prats - drums


Marianne is the new album by Liquid Trio, ensemble led by pianist Agustí Fernández, prominent figure in the Spanish avant garde scene and of international renown.

Albert Cirera on sax and Ramon Prats on the drums accompany Agustí Fernández with precision, creating soundscapes that seem to be describing an entire universe, squeezing out every last sound colour their instruments are capable of generating. The uncertainty faced by listeners is kept alive and expectant, making them wonder where this experimental and improvised sonic journey will take them.

The album is dedicated to Marianne Brull, for decades a stalwart on the Barcelona avant garde and improvisation scene, known by everyone for her constant support of the musicians that comprise it.

Marianne is the second album released by this ensemble after Primer Dia i Última Nit (Sirulita, 2013).

Cover by Marcos Prack. / Liquid Trio photo by Joan Cortès.