Vector Sounds

FRIKTONE - Cuscus CR07

(CR07, 2012)
Clamshell Records. Serie Vector

FRIKTONE brings together three musicians who fit their sound pieces like clockwork. Fito Ares (flute and soprano sax), Risto Vuolanne (double bass) and Fernando Lamas (drums and percussion) met at the jam sessions that take place in ‘Jazz Filloa’ (A Coruña) and immediately struck a chord with their shared influences: European jazz, improvisation, classical music and African rhythms.

They use the ‘free’ aesthetic as grounds for the most radical and contemporary jazz, a unique rhythm backdrop filling the sound space and tunes forming like smoke blown by the musicians at will.

Cus Cus is their first album and was recorded live with no overdubs in the Chamber Hall of the Opera House at A Coruña, in northwestern Spain.