Vector Sounds

AVANTBRASS - Filum Terminale CR21

AVANT BRASS - Filum Terminale
(CR21, 2014)
Clamshell Records. Serie Vector / Discordian Records

Pol Padrós: trumpet
Iván González: French horn
Josep Tutusaus: trombone
David Parras: tuba
Aleix Forts: double bass
Guillem Arnedo: drums

Avantbrass is the brainchild of trumpet player Pol Padrós, an extended version of the classic brass quintet inspired by Lester Bowie which encompasses the sounds of early New Orleans, the Great Black Music of the avant garde 60’s and contemporary jazz.

A tight rhythm section comprising drums, double bass and tuba provides the backbone to the melodic tones of the trumpet, trombone and French horn, forming an ensemble that offers the perfect balance between composition, arrangement and improvisation.