Vector Sounds

HIDDEN FORCES TRIO - Crows Are Council KTR010

HIDDEN FORCES TRIO - Crows Are Council
(KTR010, 2014)
Knockturne Records / Clamshell Records. Serie Vector

Hidden Forces Trio is Gustavo Domínguez (clarinets), Marco Serrato (double bass) and Borja Díaz (drums). Domínguez is a clasically trained clarinet and bass clarinet player interested in contemporary music and free improvisation. Serrato and Díaz form the rhythm section of avant doom metal band Orthodox (Alone Records, Southern Lord, Knockturne Records). They also play together in Sputnik Trio with free improviser Ricardo Tejero (saxophones) and individually in experimental projects Jacob and Blooming Látigo.

As Hidden Forces Trio, they create improvisational spaces and dark structured chaos; abstract exploration and unbridled aggression hand in hand. They merge elements of jazz instrumentation and contemporary music with their heavy metal roots, crashing together and moving forward. Crows are Council, a joint release between Knockturne Records and Clamshell Records, is their second album after Topus (Bruce’s Fingers, 2013).